Dua To Stop And Prevent Divorce in Islam

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A dua will go a long way to save your marriage

The bond of marriage is pure and magical. The husband and wife together grow and bloom molding their family with love. The couple builds their relationship on a streak of trust, love and understanding. As the relationship grows, it picks up the most vivid and happy colours of life. As strong as it appears, the marital relationship can be as fragile as glass. Many problems can creep in between the husband and the wife tearing them apart from each other. But DUA TO STOP AND PREVENT DIVORCE IN ISLAM can come in handy to keep your married life intact.

A brief idea about Divorce:

To describe divorce in simple words, we can say that it is a legal proceeding to end a marriage. Several court proceedings are held to conclude the entity of the marriage. Islam had a different outlook on divorce. The pronunciation of the word “talaq” thrice by either of the parties would result in the breaking of the marriage.

Duties of the husband:

The husband holds one end of the marital relationship. A dutiful husband must take care f his wife and his family with all his hearts. He must provide bread and security to the family. He must make his wife happy and make sure to make her feel loved and wanted. Have loyalty towards your wife. Trust, respect and understanding must be a gift to his wife. You should give your wife an equal status like yours in the relationship. Treat their families with respect and love.

What the wife must do?

The wife is another anchor of the marital relationship. He nurtures the family with her love and care. Towards her husband, she must be loving and caring. You must have respect for him and always give him an equal status like yours. Take care of his likes and happiness. Make them feel special and important. Make his family yours. Have trust and faith in your husband and be loyal.

The signs of a rift:

A marriage does not become successful on its own. Both the husband and the wife must work together to make it work and last.

  • Misunderstandings and abuse will create a huge rift in the marriage.
  • Cheating and unfaithfulness is a huge reason behind a marriage breaking
  • Ego and the unwillingness to solve problems with maturity will break the marriage of
  • Not giving enough space to each other, or taking your partner to be your inferior can cause distance leading to a divorce
  • Sexual incompatibility too can lead to a divorce.

What you must do?

Follow your duties towards each other diligently, like you want to keep the marriage going. The next best thing you can do is to put your faith in the almighty. A DUA TO STOP AND PREVENT DIVORCE IN ISLAM can save you a great deal of hassle. Make a dua with a pure heart and all the blessings will be yours. If you find your marriage going off the edge, pray to Allah. He will keep you and your marriage safe.

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